Generating 1 xls file for each track


Is it possible to set trackmate to create 1 excel file for each track?


Hi @Felipe-Leite

Unfortunately no.

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Would you mind explaining why this would be a useful functionality for you? How are you (post-)processing your data after tracking?

For exploring and visualizing tracking data like the output of TrackMate, I can recommend using KNIME, which e.g. lets you easily group data by track ID and perform the very same operation/visualization repeatedly on every track.


Hi Jan,

thanks, I’ll definitely try KNIME.

I have to track several particles that move only in X. It’d be interesting for me to have each particle in a single excel file to make processing easier. I guess I could cross-reference the track name with the X-position column in order to process, but due to gaps (sometimes I have more than one track per particle) and different video durations it is difficult for me to write a code for my data. Having one file for each particle would skip the filtering process, which has been the longest part in my analyses.

Thanks again!

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