Generate ROIs for FL measurement

Hi all
I am measuring M-lines of cardiomyocytes 20x calibration slide.tif (3.6 MB) by drawing a line and using plot profile. What I need help with is identifying random ROIs within a cell ROI that is defined by distance from the nucleus ROI I have added

. The workflow that I think I need is below. Any insight would be appreciated!

Draw ROI of cell, add to ROI Manager
measure area, (x,y of centroid) perim
Draw oval ROI around nuclei, add to ROI Manger
measure area, (x,y of centroid) perim
AUTOMATE Now want to find 4 random ROI from centroid X,Y of nuclei but within cell ROI and want circle (20um) around that random ROI so that I can measure M-lines
Want distance of random ROIs (centroid X, Y) from nuclei centroid


Perhaps you will find this older post useful:

This other post generates random points within an area - so you could adapt that code to draw other ROIs instead: