Gaussian Weight

Hello every one,

Kindly what is the Gaussian weight for an Image ith pixels region ?

how can we calculate it, I know the gaussian distribution function , but what is the gaussian weight for ith pixels of an image .

is it calculation of the Gaussian pdf for each row ?

Thank you

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Hi navien,

for instructions on how to calculate the weights of a gaussian filter matrix there are plenty of explanations on the web, e.g. here:

Does this help?


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Well Hello navien,
ehrenfeu gave good suggestions and also you may try to select the region with the rectangle tool then use Analyze > Plot Profile. At the bottom of the plot is a button for Data > Fit Plot > Gaussian which will then calculate the variables, give you the values and the formula used.

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Hi @navien,

Not sure what exactly you want to do but you could have e look at the source code of my gaussian weighted median filter here:

There you see how the gaussian weight is calculated and then used to modulate another a filter.
Hope this helps

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Thank you.
Please, is there any matlab code for the Gaussian weight calculation for the ith pixel region ?