Function to autoadjust (LUT) programatically?

Hi there,

Amazing job with Napari. When one adds an image layer it automatically adjusts LUT (and I believe size to fit the viewer). However when one updates the layer with other data e.g.

my_image_layer = viewer.add_image(foo) = new_foo

The new image is not adjusted. So in order for this to happen one could delete the old layer and insert the new image in a new image layer. However I was wondering whether there might be any function, that is run when creating the layer, and can be accessed, to autoadjust LUT? I hope I made the question clear if it is not hit me back please !

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to autoadjust the contrast limits, you can use my_image_layer.reset_contrast_limits()
If you want it to happen automatically, you can connect that function to the data change event: e: layer.reset_contrast_limits())

(this sort of “keep autoscale” option might be a good feature for someone to add)


Awesome it worked . Thanks!

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Could be a good first issue, though I’d want a way to toggle the behaviour on/ off