Function behind tool icons

Does anybody know what tool this is?


To find out:

  • what is displayed in the status bar when you move your mouse pointer onto the tool icon?
  • as it is not one of the standard icons in ImageJ or Fiji: which toolset did you activate via the >> menu?

If these don’t help, please check:

  • do you auto-run any macros/toolsets at startup? (Plugins › Macros › Startup Macros…)
  • which update site do you have activated?
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Thanks @imagejan!
Maybe @mprage can give a hint.
The icon is from his post:

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This is the “Line Profil Tool” plugin.
Tree_Rings-1.tif (852.5 KB)

The author could be:
“jerome mutterer”. If he can confirm. @jerome.mutterer


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