FTP image access

Hi CPA Team

I was wondering how I can configure CPA to access images remotely via FTP? Is it correct that right now only HTTP access is enabled?

The CPA properties_readme states:


======== Image access info ========

Specify for HTTP image access. This address will be prepended to the image

path and filename pulled from the database columns listed above when loading

an image.

Example: If you set image_url_prepend to “http://yourserver.com/” and the

path and filename in the database for a given image are “yourpath” and


CPA will try to open “http://yourserver.com/yourpath/file.png

Leave blank if images are stored locally.

image_url_prepend = http://yourserver.com[/quote]

If I enter an FTP address, the CPA image viewer seems to ignore the image_url_prepend property and just attempts to open images locally. Maybe you could implement FTP compatibility in your next CPA version? After all, FTP might be a more appropriate protocol for these image data transfer tasks.

CPA can currently only access images locally or via HTTP.

You are certainly welcome to try to implement an FTP mode yourself, but I should warn you that getting set up for development on CPA is still a somewhat tedious task. Nevertheless, making the addition to the code should be relatively simple once you get all set up, and then you’d be poised to make other changes if necessary for your work.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you out.

First step: Check out the entire CellProfiler repository:

Second step:
See our most recent documentation for setting up a development environment here: cellprofiler.org/wiki/index.php/ … on_-_basic …these directions are for getting set up on Mac OSX 10.5+…it seems to be easier to get set up on windows, but that’s not my area of expertise.