Front flame velocity whit Fiji

I am starting to learn Fiji, I need solve an exercise about the velocity of a front flame.
the problem is a front flame going along a canal of 40cm length, recorded on 25 FPS.
Whit it we create a streak photography taking only the central line, so we can see in each photogram how far away is the flame from the startline.
The central line of the first photogram will be the top line of our synthetic photography, the central line of the second photogram will be the second line of our synthetic photography, using this process till the flame is at the end of the canal.
we get the following image:

We can know the time by the Y axis, each line is an FPS. And we can know the distance by the X axis.
I need an algorithm that give me the position of the pixels that divide the streak image in a light side and a dark side.
How can I do that??

PD: The streak photography its given by the professor, so I don’t have idea of Fiji :sob:

Thank you very much by the help :slight_smile:

Hm… if it is a University ‘exercise that you need to solve’ (your words) then asking here is not the right thing to do, isn’t it?

@gabriel Homework questions are allowed here. From the FAQ:

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