FRM funded computational engineer- processing and 3d image analyses in fluorescence microscopy- St Louis hospital, UMR 7212, Paris, France

FRM funded computational engineer- processing and 3d image analyses in fluorescence microscopy.

St Louis hospital, UMR 7212, Paris, France

Scientific environment.

Our team “Chromosome Biology and Dynamics” belongs to the UMR7212, Pathology and Molecular Virology, composed of 6 teams, internationally recognized, implicated in many aspects of Cancer, Virology and Cellular Biology. The UMR7212 is backed to the University Institute of Haematology and his technological platform in the St Louis Hospital. Our team “Chromosome Biology and Dynamics” has a long-standing experience in the functional organization of chromosomes in the nuclear space. We are currently focusing on the temporal features of chromosomes upon cell differentiation and DNA damages. Our interdisciplinary team has expertise in both unicellular eukaryotic yeasts and embryonic stem cells allowing a unique cross talk between organisms. To address our questions, we intensively use optical fluorescence microscopy to visualize in real time different processes in our models. We have recently acquired an advanced fluorescent microscopy station allowing 3D Imaging + t in single cells. Biological observations are routinely confronted with physics polymer models.

We are looking for a highly motivated processing and image analysis engineer to analyse the large multidimensional microscopy data sets we are generating to investigate multiple aspects of nuclear morphology, gene position and motion. The engineer should show autonomy and creativity to conduct his/her analyses.


• Design and implement tools for image analysis and processing using ImageJ /Fiji / Icy and Matlab.
• Develop novel strategies for analysis of multidimensional microscopy datasets
• Provide and Perform adequate statistical analyses
• Set-up advanced workflow. e.g. image segmentation, quantify intracellular protein distribution, pattern recognition, tracking of dynamic particle …
• Make tutorials and train scientists in the use of developed tools.


• University degree (Master, PhD), engineering school or equivalent degree with a strong specialization in image processing and analysis.
• Proven experience in the development of tools to process and analyse multidimensional fluorescence microscopy datasets using ImageJ / Fiji / ICY (macros and java plugin) and Matlab. • Good knowledge of segmentation algorithms, object tracking, pattern recognition.
• Ability to work in team and have interest and understanding in biology.
• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. A high degree of autonomy is required.
• Able to communicate in English.

Please send your CV, cover letter and contact information for two references to Emmanuelle Fabre
Contract for 12 months (renewable 12 months).
Salary depending on experience and qualifications.
Applications will be reviewed when they are received.