Free Trial for ZEN blue and ZEN core availbale

Hi all,

ZEN blue 3.1 or ZEN core 3.0 can be now tested for 90 days for free to support image analysts working from home.

By using the 3rd part import one can read many different file formats incl. image files from other manufactures. Among the included modules one will find:

  • Advanced Processing - Additional image processing functions
  • Colocalization - Quantitative colocalization analysis between two fluorescence channels
  • Connect - Advanced functionality of ZEN Connect
  • Connect 2D Add-on - Extension for ZEN Connect for workflows with correlative sample holders
  • Image Analysis - Assistant for creation of automatic measurement programs
  • Intellesis - Image segmentation based on machine-learning algorithm, using pixel classification
  • Macro Environment - Editor and debugger for OAD macros based on Python
  • Measurement - Advanced interactive measurement tools
  • Physiology (Dynamics) - Analysis of physiological time series data


  • Third Party Import - Import of 3rd-party microscopy images into ZEN

Here is the link to the landing page:

Request free 90-day ZEN trial

Happy analyzing, correlating and scripting and stay safe.



Hey Sebi,

I tried downloading this, but it looks like it is only Zen Lite, and not full Zen. Is there any way that I can test out macro scripts within the trial environment?


Hi Mike,

I think this is a misunderstanding. ZEN Lite is exactly the same software as ZEN Blue but without licenses.
All you need is the download and the trial license from the website.

Cheers, Sebi

I have the trial license from the website, and followed the instructions on how to do an offline install of the license, and it shows all of the licenses in the Zeiss Activation Utility. When I open up Zen 3.1, it still automatically pulls up lite.

Tried restarting, tried uninstall and reinstall.

The only thing that looked weird compared to the install that I did months ago on my system was that the download file from the link that you sent says ZENblue3-1_ZENblack_3-0SR-lite, so I didn’t know if the lite at the end was a special version that was restricting it.

Thanks again,

Went through the normal way of updating software on and it looks like it is the same download file, not sure why it isn’t recognizing the license files when I open Zen.

Did you receive the 90 day trial license and activated it?

Yep, in the license activation utility it shows that all of the licenses are for 3.0. I am downloading 3.0 and gonna see if it works on that install.

That didn’t work, I am all out of ideas.


The 90 day trial works with the download for Zen 3.1. Did you really download ZEN Blue 3.1?

Got it sorted, Thanks again for the link!