Free Imaris Viewer Now Available

Dear Imaging Community,

The Imaris team is extremely excited to announce the release of Imaris Viewer. This free microscopy image viewer uses the same high performance, dynamic 3D/4D rendering engine as Imaris. Although free, this viewer allows you to visualize both raw microscopy files as well as Imaris (IMS) files.

Imaris Viewer has several advantages for the microscopist:

  1. Quality image rendering so everyone can easily explore their images in 3D and 4D,

  2. Publication-quality snapshots from those images,

  3. Simple sharing of images with colleagues and collaborators even when those groups lack a commercial 3D rendering package

  4. Portable image rendering on laptops for displaying images in lab meetings, at conferences, or even with your friends and family.

Please see to learn more, view minimum system requirements, and download the installer today!

All the best,

Meredith Price
Imaris Business and Product Manager


Glad to see an Imaris free viewer! Any plans for a Linux version? Being only Windows/Mac is a bit of a dealbreaker for our typical use case.


Hi Erick, at this time we don’t have plans for a Linux version. Thanks for your feedback!

Hello Meredith,
I’ve noticed that there is no min-intensity projection in the viewer, which makes it less suitable for EM images. Are you planning to include it later?

Hi Ilya,
Thanks for your patience while it took me a bit to respond. Yes, the min-intensity projection was removed in a previous release. We hope to make changes in the future so that viewing EM images is easier you and the greater EM community. Thanks for the question! ~Meredith