Fractal Dimensions




Are there any plans to implement calculation of fractal dimensions like overall fractal dimension, lacunarity or local-connected fractal dimension? These can all be useful in assessing image complexity (e.g. branchiness of blood vessels).



Hi kai,

This is a good suggestion, and we have thought about these kinds of measures, though more with respect to neuronal dendritic trees. But the metrics would be applicable to vessel patterning as well. We don’t have any ETA on this though, mostly because segmenting and connecting these sorts of networks are complex, and the approaches in the literature are many and varied. We have not settled on one or a few algorithms that we are satisfied with, and so the quantification (fractal dimension or otherwise) will likely have to wait. But if you want to contribute to MeasureAreaShape, or write your own" MeasureFractalDimension", by all means!