FOV specification in OME SCHEME

Hi All,

I tried to understand how FOV’s are saved into XML scheme, but failed.
I see every has dimmensions, of xyczt, and wells have reference for Image>, but cannot find where the FOV is specified…
Any help will be appreciated.

What do you want to specify about the field of view? Are you meaning the physicalSizeX and physicalSizeY attributes of the Pixels element within Image (along with their corresponding “units” attributes)?

Consider a case I’m handling a Screen having a 12 wells plate, each plate having 12 FOV’s and each FOV is a 512*512 sized image.
I can go on and multiply this by 3 colors, by 10 Z’s and by 20 Time points…
That’s the kind of Data I’m handling and I cannot figure out how to set in the xml the FOV (indexed between 1 to12) correctly.

I think that FOV is equivalent to a “WellSample” in the OME model. A WellSample has x and y coordinates to specify the location of the Image within a Well.
See (and the diagram below that).

Search for WellSample at

There’s a couple of Screen-Plate-Well examples at
For example

Hope that helps?


Thanks A-lot!
You’re right!