Forum search doesn't find code fragments?

Asking in development as this hit me when busy … developing something:

Looking for certain code (e.g. the snippet " * @param <T>" which is present on this forum page, the forum search returns no results.
Is it possible to include code snippets in the search results?

The topic you linked doesn’t contain any code snippet, but an embedded (“one-boxed”) link. The content of the post only has this link:

… and I guess it’s impossible to extend the forum search to also crawl all embedded links in the forum, as this would get complex very quickly.

But you can always ask/suggest on about improving the search functionality of the Discourse backend.

When looking for code specifically in any part of the the ImageJ/SciJava/ImgLib2 universe, you can also use the GitHub button on :slight_smile:

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Sublte difference that wasn’t immediately obvious. Thanks for the clarification.