Following a tag on (or any Discourse)


tl;dr :point_right: Go to and add your tag of interest.

I’ve had a few discussions recently in which someone was worried about missing out on posts with a certain tag. I’m not sure if everyone will see this post, but I thought I’d write up the basics for others to refer to.

If you would like to learn how to find these settings:

(1) First click on your icon at the top right:

(2) Then click on icon of the little person on the right (here highlighted in yellow):

(3) Then choose “Preferences”:

(4) You should see your profile picture now. Scroll down to the “Tags” sections of “Notifications”:

(5) The tags that you currently follow will be listed like this:

(6) Add any tag you would like to receive a notification for. Here, #ome-ngff:

Additionally, if you find the URL for any tag like “”, you can also receive an RSS feed by appending .rss:

Hope that helps.


Alternatively, if you’re browsing a specific tag page (e.g., you can choose the notification level for that tag on the top right: