Foci Counting on Image J

Trying to analyze the “GREEN” foci in the image below, I am having trouble adjusting the threshold, so I count each foci signal.

Any ideas?!

Thanks, Jon

Please note that it is not obvious what you consider being green foci.
Closer inspection shows that the series (bands) of blue dots are accompanied by very small and dense foci. If they are indeed foci or artifacts is difficult to tell.

Furthermore, there are indications that the sample image was JPG-compressed before, at least it shows some strange block effects.

Presently, I count 1224 green spots.
Please note that a certain number of green spots overlaps with the blue dots.

Here is a link to your sample image with the detected green spots marked as overlay that you can hide and show in order to get an impression of the hits and misses.
image-1.tif (3.0 MB)

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I do notice that! Thanks. Out of curiosity, how did you do the following? For this, I mean count only specifics so I can play around with it. image-1.tif (3.0 MB)

I fear it makes little sense to play around if we are dealing with scientific tasks …

Perhaps you can tell what is signal and what is noise in the following image that shows what is to be considered green:

Never use JPG-compressed images for scientific purposes.
Use images in either RAW, TIF- or PNG-format.
(Converting a JPG-compressed image to TIFF- or PNG-format doesn’t make sense.)