Flickering Skeleton, Dots on Animal Appearing Outside the Cropped Area

I am running into an issue with my labeled video where the dots on the animal are randomly appearing on objects outside of the video area that I cropped during the frame extraction step. I set the cropped area to only be within the box. I thought cropping was meant to prevent DeepLabCut from putting dots anywhere outside of the cropped zone. How do I prevent this from happening? Do I have to crop the original video before I start using DeepLabCut to only include the zone of interest?

Also, when the animal isn’t in the frame, the dots go wild and will appear on objects even though the animal clearly isn’t in the frame. Are these issues because additional training is needed? My video ran for about 40000 iterations since I am still trying to figure out how DeepLabCut works.Picture2 Picture1

Not sure about the labels outside the cropped area but it’s not really an issue since those labels are probably low likelihood and can be easily filtered out, same goes for random labeling when animal is not visible. Try changing pcutoff in config.yaml to higher value - like 0.9 and than create labeled video based on filtered predictions (or maybe even this video was not created on filtered data?). Also, if it’s your first training of the model, extract outliers and retrain the model - 50k iters for maDLC and 250k for regular DLC.