.flex files giving blank output [edited. attachments workin]



Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to load flex files and save them as single images. However, the output is always black blank image.
Could anyone please help me with this?

CP 1.0.7522
winxp media 32bit

The pipeline and image are attached.

Thank you in advance!

flex file: 003009000.zip (1.23 MB)
pipeline:pipeline.mat (676 Bytes)



Flex file reading is still under development, and the problem is that CellProfiler can’t read your file. I’m not positive why this is; the only difference I see between your file and a flex file that our software can read is that you used some kind of compression when you saved your images. Try saving them as uncompressed files; they will be larger, but Cellprofiler will (hopefully) be able to open them.