Fix the "Split Cells" CP Identified?

Hi all,

I am using these images to get an idea for the cell location and area for later use. In these images, the outline (membrane) is clear. I want cellprofiler spot the whole cell. In order to identify the content of the cell, I invert the image and then use the Identify Primary Object.

However, the problem is that, in some images, the identified cells break into pieces, or have large cracks and holes. I tried many settings in this Module, and I subtracted the background but they do not work. (In some images though, they give good results.)
The Original (After enhancing result) is like:

Like this:


Could anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance!

Cell_ShC.cppipe (8.16 KB)

Hi Siheng,

Sorry for the slow reply, but this is not an easy assay, especially because it is bright-filed and the background intensity can vary so much. But gove the attached pipeline a try. I can’t say it is works for all images, but it might help.

Cell_ShC_DLogan.cppipe (12.2 KB)