First Time User - Toolbar is not displayed

It is my first time to use imageJ and I downloaded the latest version (ij150). I installed it on my lap top (i7 6500) running Windows 10. The software did run but there is no “toolbar” displayed. Only the menu is displayed. How do I display the toolbar?

I plan to use the software for particle size distribution.

Welcome to the forum, @Larry.

That is a bizarre problem! Can you post a screenshot?

Also, did you try the Fiji distribution of ImageJ?

Probably it will have the same issue, but it could be interesting to quickly verify for certain.

Do you use multiple monitors in your setup?

Hi ctruden,

Thanks for the very fast response. I got it figured out. I installed the platform-independent version that is why it was not showing the toolbar. I tried installing the Windows version and it displayed the toolbar. I am a bit excited to see how it works with particle sizing/distribution.

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