First steps with pyimagej after installing: Applying run_macro to image

My Status

In the last couple of days, thanks to this post I managed to install pyimagej using pip (not conda) and get it to run on my machine, i.e. imagej.init() runs, and I can reproduce some of the most early steps with using convert it to numpy and display it using matplotlib.pyplot.imshow(). So this post is about using pyimagej as opposed to installing it.

What I want to do

I have a pretty basic image processing task that I like to process in batch. It will involve, notoriously to convert to 8bit, apply statistical region merging, thresholding, a couple of binary operation (fill holes, erode, dilate) and finally run ‘analyze particles’ - including fitted ellipses. The ellipses I’d like to get back out, together with the analysis spreadsheet so that I can use it in a pandas DataFrame.
I have already figured, that using I can just run commands. I can find the arguments using recording macros in directly. By any means I am not bound to use necessarily do this with pyimagej btw. I just know python decently and knew how to do the image processing steps I need manually in ImageJ so I thought would be convenient to use it.

Where I am stuck

I manage to open and display the images, the latter via matplotlib that is. But for example applying a simple 8bit conversion is beyond me. The Jupiter notebook that comes with pyimagej only helped me that far.

What I have done so far

Here is my code trying to apply 8bit conversion on an imported image.

#import environment.environment_macos #sets needed env vars
import imagej
import numpy
#from matplotlib import pyplot
#from misc import helper
import pathlib

# for dev purpose
#from importlib import reload

# Implement tkinter selection process
# in lieu of path selection here
img_path = pathlib.Path('/Users/maarcade/Downloads/d7')

# intializing ImageJ, first time can take a bit longer
ij = imagej.init()

# find tif images in folder
imgtype = 'tif'
img_catalog = list(img_path.glob('**/*.{}'.format(imgtype)))

# open image in ij and apply 8bit conversion
img = img_catalog[0]
ijimg ="""run("8-bit");""") #fails 
# with JVM exception occurred: 
# java.lang.NullPointerException java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException

I am not familiar with Java, hence, the whole pyimagej :wink:, but I assume the error tells me it doesn’t know the target of the run_macro? Any pointers on how to proceed and where to learn more about pyimagej would be appreciated.

Intuitive for me would be to do something like


But that’s not implemented on that class.

Welcome to the forum, @mmarras!

Thanks for posting here (and also on GitHub). Here might be a reason why you didn’t get a reply these last days:

Just be patient, I think there will soon be updated documentation as well, as we’re approaching the #pyimagej workshop at #i2k2020 :slight_smile:

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