Firewire camera failure

Hoping someone can help! I had an old iMac die and had to rebuild Micro-Manager on another old iMac. I have been unable to get things working again. With the old Sony XCD-700 camera using the dc1394 plugin imaging works fine, but Multi-D acquisition fails at somewhere between 30 and 50 images. The Corelog error is below:

2021-03-17T17:54:56.646658 tid0xb1b3f000 [IFO,LogManager] Enabled primary log file /Applications/Micro-Manager1.4.22/CoreLogs/CoreLog20210317T175456_pid683.txt
2021-03-17T17:54:56.649960 tid0xb1b3f000 [IFO,App] User: davidknecht
2021-03-17T17:54:56.650114 tid0xb1b3f000 [IFO,App] Host:
2021-03-17T17:54:56.650129 tid0xb1b3f000 [IFO,App] MM Studio version: 1.4.22
2021-03-17T17:54:56.650169 tid0xb1b3f000 [IFO,App] MMCore version 8.1.0
2021-03-17T17:54:56.650194 tid0xb1b3f000 [IFO,App] Device API version 65, Module API version 10
2021-03-17T17:54:56.650212 tid0xb1b3f000 [IFO,App] Operating System: Mac OS X (i386) 10.11.6
2021-03-17T17:54:56.650239 tid0xb1b3f000 [IFO,App] JVM: Java HotSpot™ Client VM, version 1.6.0_65, 32-bit
2021-03-17T17:54:56.681363 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Added URL to system class loader: file:/Applications/Micro-Manager1.4.22/mmplugins/
2021-03-17T17:54:56.681562 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Added URL to system class loader: jar:file:/Applications/Micro-Manager1.4.22/mmplugins/Big.jar!/
2021-03-17T17:54:56.713447 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Added URL to system class loader: jar:file:/Applications/Micro-Manager1.4.22/mmplugins/DataBrowser.jar!/
2021-03-17T17:54:58.227034 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Added URL to system class loader: jar:file:/Applications/Micro-Manager1.4.22/mmplugins/PixelCalibrator.jar!/
2021-03-17T17:54:58.238017 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Added URL to system class loader: jar:file:/Applications/Micro-Manager1.4.22/mmplugins/Recall.jar!/
2021-03-17T17:54:58.240736 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Installing plugin org.micromanager.browser.Data_Browser…
2021-03-17T17:54:58.240881 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Error: Plugin [org.micromanager.browser.Data_Browser] has no menuName field
2021-03-17T17:54:58.240929 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] org.micromanager.browser.Data_Browser fails to implement static String tooltipDescription.
2021-03-17T17:54:58.241716 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Installing plugin org.micromanager.pixelcalibrator.PixelCalibratorPlugin…
2021-03-17T17:54:58.241811 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Installing plugin org.micromanager.recall.RecallPlugin…
2021-03-17T17:54:58.241940 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Added URL to system class loader: file:/Applications/Micro-Manager1.4.22/mmplugins/Acquisition_Tools/
2021-03-17T17:54:58.242393 tid0xb20cb000 [IFO,App] Added URL to system class loader: jar:file:/Applications/Micro-Manager1.4.22/mmplugins/Acquisition_Tools/

I tried an old Scion camera instead and I cannot install the drivers in the 10.11 system. The installer tells me they cannot be installed and I can’t find a way to do it by brute force. Cut and paste is not allowed into the System/Library/Frameworks folder.

This excerpt of the Corelog does not show any errors. Try Help > Report a Problem (and running the MDA that does not complete), and either post the full file here or send the report.

Hi Nico- I don’t see a way to attach a file and I had a size error limit. Here is the last part containing the error. Also, in case you know, the thread is set to Watching, but I have received no notifications of your postings. Dave
[AE] ##### BEGIN acquisition event:
[ ] {:close-shutter true,
[ ] :next-frame-index 189,
[ ] :frame-index 188,
[ ] :position-index 0,
[ ] :new-position false,
[ ] :autofocus false,
[ ] :channel-index 0,
[ ] :slice-index 0,
[ ] :frame 188,
[ ] :exposure 11.15295223932759,
[ ] :relative-z true,
[ ] :task :snap,
[ ] :wait-time-ms 10000.0}
2021-03-24T10:23:03.105856 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] BEGIN channel properties and exposure
2021-03-24T10:23:03.107289 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. getCameraDevice)
2021-03-24T10:23:03.107403 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → dc1394_CAM
2021-03-24T10:23:03.107487 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] END channel properties and exposure
2021-03-24T10:23:03.107560 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] BEGIN recall-z-reference
2021-03-24T10:23:03.107627 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] END recall-z-reference
2021-03-24T10:23:03.107699 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] acq-sleep
2021-03-24T10:23:12.611049 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] BEGIN store/update z reference
2021-03-24T10:23:12.611165 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] END store/update z reference
2021-03-24T10:23:12.611232 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] BEGIN set z position
2021-03-24T10:23:12.611305 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] END set z position
2021-03-24T10:23:12.612759 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] pending devices: #{"" “dc1394_CAM”}
2021-03-24T10:23:12.614819 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. waitForDevice “dc1394_CAM”)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.614891 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,Core] Waiting for device dc1394_CAM…
2021-03-24T10:23:12.614913 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,Core] Finished waiting for device dc1394_CAM
2021-03-24T10:23:12.615149 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → nil
2021-03-24T10:23:12.615221 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] BEGIN acquire
2021-03-24T10:23:12.616574 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. getAutoShutter)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.616922 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → true
2021-03-24T10:23:12.618269 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. getSystemStateCache)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.618844 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → #<Configuration mmcorej.Configuration@16a0720>
2021-03-24T10:23:12.620907 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. getAutoShutter)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.621281 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → true
2021-03-24T10:23:12.622829 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. setAutoShutter false)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.622894 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,Core] Autoshutter turned off
2021-03-24T10:23:12.623128 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → nil
2021-03-24T10:23:12.624491 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. getShutterDevice)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.624594 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] →
2021-03-24T10:23:12.625173 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] pending devices: #{""}
2021-03-24T10:23:12.626534 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. getShutterDevice)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.626635 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] →
2021-03-24T10:23:12.628183 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. setShutterOpen true)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.628467 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → nil
2021-03-24T10:23:12.629842 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. getCameraDevice)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.629947 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → dc1394_CAM
2021-03-24T10:23:12.631869 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. waitForDevice “dc1394_CAM”)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.631936 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,Core] Waiting for device dc1394_CAM…
2021-03-24T10:23:12.631958 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,Core] Finished waiting for device dc1394_CAM
2021-03-24T10:23:12.632192 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → nil
2021-03-24T10:23:12.633534 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. getCameraDevice)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.633635 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] → dc1394_CAM
2021-03-24T10:23:12.634978 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,App] [AE] ← (. snapImage)
2021-03-24T10:23:12.635034 tid0xb1d43000 [dbg,Core] Will snap image from current camera
2021-03-24T10:23:14.146959 tid0xb1d43000 [ERR,Core] Failed to snap image from current camera
2021-03-24T10:23:14.147120 tid0xb1d43000 [ERR,Core] Error occurred in device CMMCore::snapImage: Error in device “dc1394_CAM”: Timeout during image capture. Increase the camera timeout, increase shutter speed, or decrease exposure time (131)
2021-03-24T10:23:14.148172 tid0xb1d43000 [IFO,App]
[ ] java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: Error in device “dc1394_CAM”: Timeout during image capture. Increase the camera timeout, increase shutter speed, or decrease exposure time (131) in Thread[AcquisitionEngine2010 Thread (Clojure),6,main]
[ ] at clojure.lang.Util.runtimeException(
[ ] at clojure.lang.Reflector.invokeMatchingMethod(
[ ] at clojure.lang.Reflector.invokeNoArgInstanceMember(
[ ] at org.micromanager.acq_engine$snap_image$attempt__813__auto____916.invoke(acq_engine.clj:276)
[ ] at org.micromanager.acq_engine$snap_image$fn__924.invoke(acq_engine.clj:276)
[ ] at org.micromanager.acq_engine$snap_image.invoke(acq_engine.clj:276)
[ ] at clojure.lang.AFn.applyToHelper(
[ ] at clojure.lang.AFn.applyTo(
[ ] at clojure.core$apply.invoke(core.clj:600)
[ ] at org.micromanager.acq_engine$expose.invoke(acq_engine.clj:578)
[ ] at org.micromanager.acq_engine$make_event_fns$fn__1294.invoke(acq_engine.clj:756)
[ ] at org.micromanager.acq_engine$execute.invoke(acq_engine.clj:764)
[ ] at org.micromanager.acq_engine$run_acquisition.invoke(acq_engine.clj:779)
[ ] at org.micromanager.acq_engine$run$fn__1412.invoke(acq_engine.clj:944)
[ ] at
[ ] at
[ ] Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Error in device “dc1394_CAM”: Timeout during image capture. Increase the camera timeout, increase shutter speed, or decrease exposure time (131)