fireHierarchyUpdate() in QuPath 0.2.2 Snapshot does not work


I use the 0.2.2 QuPath Snapshopt with Stardist. After importing annotations with different classes into a bigger annotation mask I would like to refresh that annotation/object hierachy, that each object knows its parent annotation.
The “fireHierarchyUpdate()” script line does not work. All annotations have the parent annotation “image”.
If all annotations are activated (yellow) and the manual option “annotations ==> insert into hierarchy” is clicked, the hierarchy is updated.

Is there also a way to achiev that by a scripting line?

I would be happy about any help.

Firing an update doesn’t change the hierarchy itself, it just fires an update event to notify QuPath that something in the hierarchy has been changed elsewhere.

I think you need:

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Hi Pete,

this works. Fantastic! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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