Finding overlapping cells

One of the characteristics of apoptotic cells is that they rarely overlap. Is there any way to distinguish cells which are not overlapping.


One possibility is to do the following:

  • Use IdentifyPrimAutomatic to detect the cells as best as possible, overlapping or not.

  • Use MeasureObjectNeighbors on the cells, which measures the metrics associated with object-to-object adjacency.

  • Use ClassifyObjects with Neighbors as the category and PercentTouching as the measure. Use Custom bins, and enter 0 as the cutoff (or a number slightly higher, like 0.001; I think the lower bin is not inclusive of the cutoff, so 0 may not work). This will get you a per-image count of cells that have no neighbors versus those that do.

  • Or use FilterObjectMeasurement with the same category/measurement/cutoff combination, which will return the actual cells with no neighbors.


Thanks Marks that was really helpful.