Finding Metadata Timestamps for MDA

Hi Everyone!

We are working on analyzing the throughput of our microscope by analyzing the timing within a Multi-Dim Acquisition. Upon looking through the metadata provided upon the output of our first test (25 pos --> 11 z-slices --> 8 channels) I am only able to find timestamps between each Frame-Key which is on the interval of approximately 4-5 seconds (and recording on the order of 10 ms).

I further went to the core log and was able to find time-stamps between different shutter transitions (on the order of 0.1 ms) which appeared to have correlation between the MDA (2200 images taken in total but 1106 of these shutter transitions presented sequentially). These intervals were around 0.6 seconds. In theory, adding exposure time, turret rotation, and LC timing, we should be getting images acquired per channel on the order of 200 ms.

I am looking for a more clear-cut way to find the time stamps for each individual image acquisition by the camera. I am wondering if there is also some way to manipulate which time-stamps are recorded in the metadata or possibly another avenue to find time stamps more related to the camera acquisition.

Thanks for the help!

Not sure if I understand the requirements completely, but it sounds like you would like logging in the camera adapter code. If you are compiling the camera adapter yourself, you can add logging statements in the SnapImage and GetImageBuffer functions (if your MDA is using single images rather than sequences). If you are not compiling the code yourself, contact me off-list, let me know which camera you use, and I can build something for you to try.

In general, for fast acquisitions, I would use hardware synchronization whenever possible.