Finding µm/ pixel ratio from a micro CT scan image

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I have a image of a bone in TIFF format obtained through a micro CT scan

Pore_Analysis_Slice1.tif (3.2 MB)

The image length and width in pixels are 1227*1364 pixels

I had did the micro CT scan with a resolution of 1.15 µm

I found it very challenging to find the µm/ pixel ration for a micro CT image

I will be happy to know if any forum members can help me in calculating the µm/ pixel ratio for the micro CT image

I have attached the micro CT image in TIFF format for your kind reference

I will be very happy to have your comments and suggestions


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Hello @tsrprabhu and welcome to the forum.

If the sampling resolution that you used was 1.15 um then your spatial calibration, that is, the spacing between sampling is presumably the same (assuming no downsampling on your detector).

In Fiji/ImageJ you can set the pixel size in your TIFF images using [ Edit > Properties ] then draw and measure a line as a sanity check.

Below the larger pores appear approximately 70 um in diameter. Does this sound about right?

Hope that helps!

Dear Dave,

Thanks for your kind and immediate response

I am very happy to join this forum and thanks for your encouraging words

Thanks for solving my problem with the micro CT image immediately

Your ideas work very good and I am able to get the µm/ pixel ratio for my image

Thanks for your timely help and support

Your courses on ImageJ is excellent for beginners to ImageJ like me

Thanks for your good work

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