Finding center points and hexagonal angles of each particle

hello forum ,
I have some image that contains ~600particles or so like the one attached,
I want to extract center points of each particles, and find inner angles of hexagons (i.e. particles form hexagons) for each individual particle. Since I’m not expert in image j , the way I approached this , is i took multi-point tool, and extracted each point by hand and copied my results to excel and used lists to find distances between points, cosine of angles and so on… which is tedious. Is there an easier way to do so?
Also, I tried to use threshold and analyze particles, it didn’t work. I think maybe because resolution of images is low.
Thanks for your help in advance

  1. I would start with creating a mask for the hexagons in the middle. You might be able to do this by first smoothing to get rid of the dark lines that separate the hexagons and then thresholding.

  2. Starting from the raw image again, I would then focus on trying to trace out the dark lines that separate the hexagons. You need some kind of ridge detection tool. You may need to invert the image to use this. I have some more sophisticated ridge detectors if this does not work. Once you have traces of the dark lines, binarize the image so that lines are represented by white pixels and everything else by black pixels.

  3. I would then perform a distance transform to a distance map:

  4. From the distance map, find Maxima:

  5. I would then only consider the maxima within the mask created in step 1