FInd out the magnification size of your images

Dear Fiji users,

I have some pictures taken with the confocal microscope (the ECLIPSE Ti2 from Nikon). They are now ND2 files. However, I no longer know the exact magnification I used on the microscope. Is there any way to find this out? maybe from the metadata or the image itself??


There are a couple ways… to start though - open your images in Fiji using Bio-Formats (File > Import > Bio-Formats). In the dialog that opens… you can Display Metadata and take a look at your microscope settings. If things are correct - your images should be scaled correctly when opened. You can double-check that in a few ways again:

  1. Simply look at the top of your image window (as described in this older thread post) to see if your image is scaled correctly

  2. You can always see the unit of length in the Image Properties window. And you can set it with Set Scale.