Final spreadsheet with channels and name of images

hi, i’m doing very simple with cellprofiller, . I would like to know , how to have a column in the final spreadsheet with the name and the channel form the results come from…

Hi there,
Welcome! I’m not sure what you are asking… perhaps you could include your image/pipeline and a more complete description of what you are looking for? Are you already using ExportToSpreadsheet? If so, you could upload an example of your output from that so we know what you’re talking about.

hi thanks for answer!
enclosed my pipeline

hi thanks for answer!
I have 2 conditions, mock infected cells andinfected cells, and i
want to quantify something (in red) that goes to the nucleus during
To test i’m working with 2 images with 2 channels, dapi (d0) and red
In the results spreadsheet , enclosed, il have only the “image number”
, number 1 and number 2, i would like to add is the image is Mock or
is clearer?

Can you upload your pipeline if you haven’t figured this out yet?