Filtered predictions not working


I am trying to use filteredpredictions method. However, when I try to call that block, nothing happens. Would someone know why is nothing showing up? Thank you!

Hi @Meenakshi_Jhalani, is that multi-animal DLC?

i can’t see your full command, but if you did not pass videotype='mp4' then no video is found to run filter predictions.

No, I am using DLC 2.18

I tried setting it to β€˜.mp4’ and I get this:

But there is nothing created in the videos folder :pensive:

Hi @Meenakshi_Jhalani that is because the filtered predictions command is incorrect. You still need to pass filtertype='arima' if you want to use that. Otherwise, perhaps just run the default settings first (drop everything but the path_config_file and [video_path.mp4] and videotype='mp4')

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