Filter objects displayed in TrackObjects

I am developing a pipeline to track the growth of individual yeast colonies on a plate. I am using a slightly modified version of the Object Tracking and Metadata Management pipeline from this page: I want to know if there is a way to filter the images output from the TrackObjects module so they only contain certain objects, i.e. objects that are actual colonies and not just artifacts. Essentially what I want to do is remove all objects from the output images of TrackObjects that only appear in a couple frames or do not change in size. I see a lot of ways to filter the objects before they go into TrackObjects, like the FilterObjects module, but those filter them before they are actually tracked between images in a stack; I wanted to filter them once they have been tracked. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


You can filter the objects by track length in TrackObjects- it won’t be reflected in the per-frame images of the tracked objects (because at the time CP made that image, it had no idea if the track would last for long enough or not), but it will be reflected in the quantitative data.