Filter objects by distance between them

I would like to be able to remove objects that are within a certain distance of objects of the same type. Specifically, I want to remove neurons that are touching one another in a field of view before I run Morph>skelpe and MeasureObjectSkeleton. When the object skeletons touch one another, I get an inflated value for branch points. I think I need some combination of MeasureObjectNeighbors, FilterObjects, and MaskObjects, but I can’t figure it out. Any assistance would be much appreciated!

Also, at a recent meeting I heard that a Sholl analysis module is on the way. Is there an updated ETA?


What output do you expect? Some kind of clustering? If the objects are touching, don’t they merge in a single object?
Posting an image might help understanding what you are after.

Sorry I realise now that it is a cell profiler thread which I am not familiar with.

Hi there Whitney,
I suspect MeasureObjectNeighbors and FilterObjects together should do the trick. Can you provide a minimal pipeline and images so we can see where we can help?

Re Sholl… I’m not aware of immediate plans to implement. It was at the top of our list for a while but I suspect it never made it to completion, I’m sorry to say.