Filter objects by area


I’ve a prolem with a pipline in which I’d like to filter objects by area, but in the filter objects module it doesn’t give me the area option. I don’t understand why… The pipeline goes as follows:

  1. Load images
  2. Crop
  3. Identify primary objects
  4. Measure Image Area Occupied
  5. Filter objects
    After this step, I’ve the following steps to skeletonize the filtered objects and measure their lengths:
  6. Expand or Shrink Objects
  7. Measure object size shape
    8) Export to spread sheet

Looking forward your response.
Many thanks in advance,


Hi Sandra,

The problem is module #4. Rather than using MeasureImageAreaOccupied, which generates per-image area measurements, you should be using MeasureObjectSizeShape, which produces produces per-object area measurements.