Filename contains "X" macro

I’m trying to use a macro to measure images differently based on whether or not they have the phrase “40X” in their names.

So far I have:

title = getTitle();
 if ("title=40X") {
run("Set Scale...", "distance=7401.1736 known=1 pixel=1 unit=mm");
 } else {
run("Set Scale...", "distance=11493.2204 known=1 pixel=1 unit=mm");

I’m trying to replace
with something that detect if the file name contains 40X anywhere in the title.

I’m aware that the batch macro program has the “file name contains …” tool, but I don’t want to use it in this case.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum, @chris1.

For string matching, you can use either:

if (indexOf(title, "40X") >= 0) {

Or if you like regex:

if (matches(title, ".*40X.*")) {

See the built-in macro functions page for full details.


Hi ctrueden thanks for help!

This will definitely save me a lot time in the future!

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