File size too Big for Fiji / bioformat ? ndpi to tiff

Dear all,
I wrote a macro to transform in batch my .ndpi x10 in tiff file with a LZW compression (NDPItools).
But even if I use NDPItools, open tiff or Bioformat some images are impossible to open.

file ok +/- 50 to 100 Mb in .ndpi and 90 Mb in .tif compressed (200 to 400 Mb uncompressed)
file with a problem +/- 1 Gb in .ndpi and 1Go in tif compressed (but I don’t know the real size)

Do you need my ndpi, my macro or my tiff file?

Kind regards,

Hi @Alex.h, is it the conversion step you are failing on?

If so it may be easier to convert directly rather than opening and displaying each file. You can do this using the command line tools from See for examples.

If you need the conversion step to be part of a macro then I can help you with that as well with some scripting.

Sorry I wrote my topic 18 days ago and I reply also in another topic. My macro work now with NDPItools and bioformat. I already send you my macros. I don’t know why one failed and the other is ok.

I still have big problem with Fiji with my very big files

So I will learn how to use Qupath or Python because it will be very difficult to analyze my files with fiji and the color deconvolution if I cannot merge the files.