File saving error when starting Micro-Manager Slide Explorer plugin

Hi – I’m attempting to set up the Slide Explorer plugin with our PCO camera and Scientifica xy- and z-stages. I’m using the latest nightly build (20210203) of Micro-Manager 2.0.0-gamma.

The individual hardware components work fine, but I get the following error popup as soon as I start the Slide Explorer plugin:

File saving error (IOException):
“\tmp\7734322994090863273.tif (The system cannot find the path specified)”

(Notice the backslash versus forward slash). I’m running Windows 10 (64-bit). Any suggestions, or is there any further info I can provide that would be helpful?


Not sure about this error, but you can accomplish all of the functionality of the slide explorer plugin and more with the Micro-Magellan plugin. However, there was a bug that was just fixed, so you’d have wait until tomorrows nightly build to get an up to date version

Thanks Henry. I notice that when I installed Micro-Magellan I’m able to select regions for imaging (they’re highlighted in blue), I click to confirm (they’re highlighted in green), but the images are never filled in. Is this consistent with the bug you’re describing (i.e., you’d expect it to be fixed tomorrow), or does this sound like a different problem?

Maybe. Its hard to say how the bug would manifest. One thing to test would be to load the demo configuration and see if the same thing is happening when exploring with the demo camera. If so, then waiting until tomorrow is the best bet

Can you generate a Trouble Report (Help > Report a Problem)? It works OK on my Windows 10 laptop with demo configuration.

I can reproduce this problem with Micro-Magellan with the current nightly build with the demo configuration. I click to confirm, but the image stays black. One of our uses reported the same at teh mciroscope. @henrypinkard does it work for you?

Just took another look. It is working for me when running from source, but not when running the desktop app. Seems like data is saving but just not showing up on the screen. Going to keep poking around…

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Should be fixed in: Bump libs to fix magellan bugs and seq Acq bugs by henrypinkard · Pull Request #1100 · micro-manager/micro-manager · GitHub

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