File Download Hash and Version Number Information

Is there a location where the current version of ImageJ (or in my more particular case Fiji) is posted? Since the download links ( simply refer to “latest” instead of a particular version number there is no way to know if a new version is available. Similarly there doesn’t seem to be a hash of the download files posted anywhere to confirm the authenticity of the downloaded files.

Naturally since Fiji can update itself this may seem like a minor issue but I was interested in creating an App Manifest for Scoop to allow Fiji installation easily from the command line. Publishing the hash value would be neat but unnecessary, the version number is more important however to achieve an auto updating manifest.

Thanks in advanced.

Does this link

It helps a small bit in that it provides me information.

I know that the current download of 64bit Fiji provides ImageJ 2.1.0/1.53c, however it also allows an update to 2.1.0/1.53h

I see that 1.53h was commented as a “release version” but the Imagej1 github doesn’t use the releases feature preventing automatically figuring out which commit is the latest.
Furthermore the download link is not serving the latest “release” (1.53h) but instead serving 1.53c. What’s needed is a way to know what is currently being served via the downloads link (and the same for the Fiji and/or ImageJ2 version whichever the 2.1.0 is referring to)

The thread is tagged ImageJ and Fiji.

Concerning Fiji, you have to ask the Fiji experts.
If you use plain ImageJ, then it is easy to update even to the daily build version.

Thank you for your help! Apologies for the wrong tag, perhaps I should’ve just used the Fiji Tag, I will see if I can change it.

I completely understand that the updating already occurs inside the software (whether ImageJ or Fiji), this is about automating the installation process which requires knowledge of when the version being served changes.

Thanks again!