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Dear All,

I need to provide documentation for some Fiji plugins that I developed and thought it might be more useful to record videos rather than writing lots of text.

  • Do you think that makes sense?
  • Is so, where should I put those videos?
    • I know, e.g., that there is the Fiji youtube channel:
    • Is that the “officially recommended” place?
    • Is there maybe somewhere a bit of help on how to upload a video there? E.g., do I need an account?

Fiji Youtube Channel

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One of my friend has a blog on scientific outreach. He became quite popular with the quality of his writing, but he tells us that the real boom was when he made videos. He explains the likely reason for this here:

So I think it totally makes sense. It is quite an investment (time it takes to make it good beyond screencast of 30 min+) but our community managed to put together a MOOC already (hello @oburri and friends) and skills about putting together great videos will hopefully become more common (hello @Delestro).

But I do not even remember who owns the channel…


Would there actually be alternatives to Youtube? Maybe something more related to science? Or is Youtube the thing to do?

Another thing that came to my mind is how to handle versioning. When a plugin evolves it would be relatively little effort to adapt written documentation. Adapting a video seems much harder…

Is there an english version as well? :slight_smile:

So, nobody may be the “owner”, but Pavel likely knows the password.

I was involved in making the screenplay of this video in the channel. It was made by Janine, a 16 year old coding genius / visiting student in Pavels lab. Amazing days.

I love the idea of reviving this channel btw. To reduce effort: I guess it would be super easy to record some Learnaton sessions and putting them there?

Furthermore, can we maybe link other videos there, such as this one?



Yes, PAvel is you man regarding the password. I should also have it somewhere.
If you want to upload something to the Fiji YouTube channel, please just let us know.
If this would become something more frequent I’m happy to think about a public ‘protocol’ for doing so.



Do you have a recommendation regarding the recording software?

I couldn’t find a good&free Software for Windows. Thus, I bought and it’s very user-friendly.

@VolkerH: You looked into this as well? Didn’t you? Something good for Mac?

I don’t have much experience with this, but when I looked a couple of months ago I found this open-source software (OBS Studio):

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Probably not as intuitive as the commercial stuff. On Windows it did record without issues after I managed to set the resolution correctly for the screen I was recording on ( important if you have two screens with different resolutions).


OBS Studio is excellent! We used this for some screencasts for the MOOC. Super fast, stable and superbly customizable. Some concepts take a minute or two to grasp, but I can only recommend it! We discovered it thanks to @NicoKiaru.


Mojave has screen casting built-in now:

I tried it and it worked well for me, although I didn’t try using it for “serious” recording of longer screencasts. There are tons of options these days.

Fiji also does have a command built in: File > Make Screencast, which leans on VLC. (Use File > Stop Screencast to end the recording.) I tested it on my macOS machine, and it worked OK, although the JPEG compression was pretty extreme. But it did make a full-screen 6.3 MB video that was 1 min 17 sec long.


We’ve (when I say we, I mean @arshadic) started to make a series of OBS screencasts for the upcoming release of SNT. They would go perfectly in the channel.

@fjug, did you manage to find it? Shall I contact you directly?