FIJI won't update under Linux

Choosing ‘Update…’ in the Help menu will just let ImageJ check for updates forever on my work machine running Debian GNU/Linux 9.9 stretch with XFCE. On my Mac machine, everything runs fine. ‘Update ImageJ’ on the other hand works fine. Searching around, it seems this issue is not very widespread. Has anyone come across this?

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Hey @Blades_Shredder,

could you please download a fresh Fiji from and check if this also happens with that version?




I just tried, same results. This is what I see forever.

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Maybe a temporary glitch? I could update my copy of Fiji 1 minute ago

Hmm. I’ve been trying for about a month. I’m not sure what the problem could be, everything else on this machine runs great.

…And it’s updating fine. I changed nothing, and I’ve been trying for months. Works for me.