Fiji won't start anymore

Hey there.

So I have been using FIJI on windows 10 (64bit) for a long time now. But today it just does not start anymore. I can see the FIJI logo popping up. But then i can’t get into the main windows. If I choose to open a specific image, I can see the image window but I can’t see the main windows (with all the tools). If I ALT + TAB, i get a picture of the main window but the icons are blacked out.
Does anybody have an idea?
Thank you very much. I am quite desperate.

Ok, I found the solution. I sometimes use two screens. Apparently FIJI/ImageJ was stuck on the screen that was not attached. So, now I am back home and have attached my laptop to my second screen. And I was able to pull back ImageJ to my main screen.


If your main window goes off into lala land, one thing you can do is Edit > Options > Reset… and then restart the program, and ImageJ will try to recompute where to put the main window based on your currently available monitors.

Of course, if you can’t get to the main window, you can’t get to the menu bar (except on OS X). But you can press L for the Command Finder and then type Reset... and run the Edit > Options one.