Fiji version management

Hi developer-team,
i am a deployment engineer at ETHZ (Swiss federal institute of technology).
We are distributing Fiji to large amount of Windows machines.

Could you please consider to use a detectable version string for each release?
1.52p is used since january, i think and several times the file base was updated without generating a new version string. We are checking for new versions with automated tools. But if there is no new version tag, we are not able to provide an update to our deployment system.

And please also consider a common versioning scheme for the future.
A version tag like 1.52p is not exactly the thing, which is easy to work with, when everybody else uses a scheme like

Thank you.

BR, Nick


Hi Nick,

What do you mean by file base exactly ? the full Fiji installation ?

The version string 1.52p refers to the ImageJ core version used by Fiji, which is a single jar file.
This is actually managed by the original ImageJ author, Wayne, and I dont think he plans to change the version naming scheme.

Fiji relies on a bunch of other dependencies which might be updated over time (scijava…), while the ImageJ core stays the same. But I am not sure a new Fiji release is created for every changes of those dependencies.

Fiji has some releases as listed on github but again it might not match the file base changes you are mentioning.

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Creating Fiji versions is an ongoing process that the development community wants to implement:

Maybe there is way you can contribute to these efforts :slight_smile:
You could get in touch with the core developers!