FIJI update - no update... option on help tab


I am trying to update FIJI to enable plugins like the BAR update site but I don’t have an update option in my help menu (see below).

I have tried running different versions of FIJI from Help>Update ImageJ but this hasn’t worked and I’m not sure what to do next.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!


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Well - that is super weird! As a first step… There are two things to quickly try:

  1. Can you search for “Update…” in the Search Bar? Does it pop up there, and can you run it?

If no…

  1. Can you try a fresh install of Fiji? See if this new installation has the “Update…” option in the help menu re-appearing.

If not… we need to dig a little deeper (obviously). But it’s worth a quick try…

Thanks for your reply. The update option wasn’t there through the search bar either but I have tried a fresh install and it is now there!
I originally installed FIJI through our university software centre so this must have been the problem - they probably don’t want us to be able to update!

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Just wanted to note that I had this same problem in my installation of ImageJ. Uninstalling and installing the newest version of Fiji fixed it for me as well.