FIJI update failure

I recently sent a post to the imagej forum about a problem calculating the fractal dimension of a 3D object in BoneJ. The discussion was posted at

The problem was that the file itself was too big, and the problem, apparently originating in ImageJ2, was listed as fixed on Jan 7, However, I have had no luck getting a new version of FIJI to install that has this correction included. The updater claims that all of the FIJI files are up to date

I’ve done two things

  1. under help, selected Update ImageJ. This updated me from 1.52i to 1.52k
  2. under help, selected update, and checked that the FIJI updater was selected - I’ve done this regularly. sometimes this resets imageJ itself to an earlier version, so I update it again as per (1).

In the updater ImageJ is also selected, although I had to use approach (1) to update ImageJ. Java-8 is selected but Fiji-legacy was not. I tried again selecting Fiji-legacy as well – no luck, it still fails

Selecting about ImageJ under File says I am running

Version 2.0.0-rc-69/1.52k
Build: 269a0ad53f
Date: 2018-12-04T11:30:09+0000

So the date looks old, but I can’t see another way to force FIJI or ImageJ to update

– Larry


Sorry, @lmanovitz. There has not been a new release of ImageJ Ops since @bnorthan’s bug-fix was merged back in January.

If you want to benefit from the fix before release, you can:

If you try it, please understand that using unreleased versions is living on the “bleeding edge”, but it will hopefully allow you to continue past this sticking point. Feedback on whether it works for you is very helpful. I will release a new version of ImageJ Ops in coming weeks.

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Hi @ctrueden - other things have kept me tied up since March. Has the new version of ImageJ Ops been released? If so, with the updater load it?
Thanks you

You can browse the releases here:;gav~net.imagej~imagej-ops~~~

The newest is 0.44.0. Checking that tag on GitHub:

We see that it was released on May 7.

Looking in an up-to-date Fiji installation’s jars folder, we see that imagej-ops-0.43.1.jar is what the core update site currently serves. That version of ImageJ Ops was released in December.

A comprehensive update to the core ImageJ update sites is still in the works. I try to test all the components together, rather than uploading core libraries piecemeal, because uploading a new imagej-ops alone has the potential to break so many things downstream.

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