Fiji Update error \\db.xml.gz.tmp (Access is denied)

Hi all,

I hope I am posting in the right space, as the error message I encounter is this one Fiji updater problem + FLIMJ installation error, but the resolution does not work in my case (I don’t think it is the same problem as in that thread). I get this error message when I run update,

and I cannot run any changes or I get the following message.

I don’t know if it is related but I also have a “there are locally modified files!” warning.

I am using Windows10 Pro and downloaded Fiji (in C/Program Files), and have been able to update and install plugins until recently. When I “Update ImageJ”, it does not behave as usual (Fiji just closes down and I don’t get the impression an update happens).

I am not experienced in debugging, so I’m not sure what info I need to provide, but I will try to provide anything you ask me for.

Hi Alefriec, in the download paje for FIJI it specifically states not to install it in the “program Files” directory as it might be problematic with the update. Read it:
Caution: " Program Files " not recommended!

If you are installing ImageJ on Windows, we strongly recommend that you store your directory somewhere in your user space (e.g., " C:\Users\[your name]\ ") rather than in " C:\Program Files " or other system-wide directory. If you move to such a directory, modern versions of Windows will deny ImageJ write permission to its own directory structure, preventing it from being able to update. See also imagej/imagej#72.

Thank you for your reply! Indeed I had read this and initially put it in my Documents folder, but Fiji was taking several minutes to start… It runs much faster when put in Program files. Do you know why that could be ?

Not a clue, actually the updater is not working for me that´s why I was so up to date into possible problems….

I’m starting to think it is an authorization problem after all in my case. Moving the installation out of program files seems to solve my update problem, although Fiji is slower to start.

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Yes, they said its like Fiji does not have all the permits from the Program Files directory.
Slowly…but at least it works!