Fiji update error bis

Hello there,
I am facing a problem at the moment like others before me but still, none of the solutions exposed before work.
When I tried to update fiji, this message appears:

I do not use any proxy, my internet connection works, I am using Windows 10, I can not access those websites :

I also have the latest version of Java (Java 8).

What can I do to solve my problem ?

Thank you very much in advance,


it seems that the main update servers for fiji and imageJ are down right now.

I hope that it’s just temporary and not forced Xmas holidays… :smile:

Hi @GoranL, thank you for the information.

I should have tried to go on a break… :wink:

Merry Christmas to you

Hi @thomas_esmangart,

Did you try,
Edit>Options>ProxySetting & check the system proxy settings


Hi @lakshmi,
I’m encountering the same problem right now. Everything is OK in Proxy settings.
Is it working for you?

Hi @thomas_esmangart & @GoranL,

I suggested to try the settings as shown in the screenshot,

Once you change the settings, restarting the Fiji should work or sometime reboot your system also might help.


Hi @lakshmi,
at the moment everything works fine for me, the problem was from Fiji itself.
Thank you.