Fiji Update complains about the Stowers site

Yesterday I started getting an error message when I ran Update. The pop-up says "Could not update from site ‘Stowers’ : Not in GZIP format. " I would have contacted Jay Unruh directly, but could not find a contact email.

Hi @John_Minter

An email address for Jay is on


FWIW, I invited Jay to join this forum topic, using the :link: Share button and his email address from that linked page.


Thanks Jan and Josh. I did find a twitter account for Jay and sent a tweet yesterday.

I didn’t get the tweet for some reason. Our IT department updated the web server and somehow that folder got blocked. We are working on fixing it now. Thanks for the notification!


I guess the tweet got stuck in the twitterverse. Thanks for looking into this and sharing your work.

I was able to fix it from my end by changing the url from http to https. Does anyone here know if the fiji updater will also update that url automatically?

I was able to do the same thing. thanks, Jay. I noticed all the sites were listed as “http:”… In almost all the sites I frequent, the URLs have been switched to https. I wonder in this case if Fiji might want to consider https as the default…

We already made the switch. @frauzufall is working on making the Updater automagically upgrade existing ImageJ installations from HTTP to HTTPS for, and But third party update sites must each be validated individually; some of them still don’t support HTTPS. We need to proceed carefully to avoid breaking existing installations.

In the case of Stowers, Jay already filed a PR updating from HTTP to HTTPS:

But I do not remember if merging it as-is will create problems for existing installations. @frauzufall Will this work? Or will there be problems?

Thanks for the explanation. I figured it was much easier suggested than done :). I appreciate the thought you and @frauzufall are putting into this. As I learned earlier this week, when a site breaks because of this change, the the real reason may not be included in the error measage.

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Curtis–the update site url’s don’t seem to be updating in existing Fiji installations. Is there a way to force this update?

No, not yet. Users need to edit it manually. Or download a new Fiji. @frauzufall is working on making the Updater do it automatically when it detects that the Java version is new enough to handle certificates from Let’s Encrypt (since the servers use that authority).

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Ok–thanks for all your help!