Fiji update bug: duplicated plugins

Hi everyone

Yesterday I add to my Fiji jars folder a plugin developed by @haesleinhuepf.
Today I downloaded an updated version of it and two versions of the same jar file were simultaneously present at my computer: imagejmacromarkdown_-0.1.0.jar and imagejmacromarkdown_-0.2.0.jar.

When run help > Update… it detected both versions and asked me if I wanted to ignore or to delete.
I selected delete but to my surprise, it deleted the newer version.

So, Fiji developers, is there anything that justifies this behavior or it is a Fiji bug?


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Did you add the plugin manually, or activated an update site?

I’d expect this to keep the latest version defined by any update site you activated, and remove the version that you locally added.

Both versions of the plugin were added manually. For now, there is no update site for this plugin. Nevertheless, if I keep both versions in the jars folder when running the help > update the duplication is detected and a suggestion appears to delete one. I would suppose that the deleted file was the older version, but that was not what happened, it automatically deleted the newer version.