FIJI/Trackmate Threads

I use Trackmate on FIJI for processing many images, which I load into RAM (no virtual stacks).

Many of my stacks are approximately 2GB in size.

After processing many stacks I notice that my memory usage continues to climb without FIJI/IMAGEJ appearing to “release” the other memory.

I was troubleshooting this for quite some time and I found that there appears to be many Trackmate GUI threads open from past image analyses (in the same session).

If I manually kill these threads, it seems that my memory is “released” back to FIJI and that additional memory is not used.

As an example, if I load a 2GB file and use trackmate, then approximately 2GB of memory is used.
If I load another 2GB file after closing the first trackmate, it uses another 2GB (for a total of approximately 4GB).
However, if I kill the GUI thread for the first file, 2GB is still allocated and FIJI uses that instead of an additional 2GB (so the total remains 2GB).

I have not tried this extensively but I wanted to know if this is a known design issue.

has someone found some solution to it?
how can we kill programmatically the Trackmate GUI?

Emanuele Martini