Fiji toolbar dissapearing on Big Sur

Hi all

I moved to Big Sur with a new Mac and now Image J (Fiji) is misbehaving - it is the latest mac specific version

When i open an image, it opens in a tab and the toolbar is then covered by the tabs and not viable

Same for histogram, etc. - any new tab

When i open it, i get the normal view

then, when i open an image, the tools can no longer be seen

Any help much appreciated


Hey @Antony_Sutton! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:
If you drag the image tab out of the top you’ll have the image open in a different window and the toolbar in a separate one. It’s a pain in the ass to have to do it everytime for every image you open… I don’t know if they are working to fix this, but it’s pretty clear they should.

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I have been doing this and have found a work around is to set the appearance option to IJ window always on top, but that option is not rememebred on restart :frowning:

It appears that the bug reporting tool is not working, so basicaally i cannot report the issues

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Reporting bugs in this forum is perfectly fine.

There is no “they”. It is all “us” :wink: . If you feel that a certain issue is not getting the traction it deserves, feel free to provide more details on the issue.

Could you all please try if the workaround proposed here works?

If it does, @Wayne maybe that could be a temporary workaround?


Also, do things improve by specifying in System Preferences → General: “Prefer tabs” to “never”?


Hi @tferr,
I’ll try the proposed solutions and let you know if the behaviour goes back to open using new window instead of tabs.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be harsh and when I said ‘they’ I was involving the decision makers on the new software architecture (as in MacOS) too… that forces us users (with limited knowledge in my case) into updating, reinstalling, re-coding scripts/macros, etc. everytime something changes. This was a big change in behaviour that is preventing some of my macros to run smoothly, so I hoped it was not only me who saw the big change in behaviour as problematic. It’s true I didn’t add more info to the ‘bug’ comment/report. I’ll try my best to do so next time.

Thanks for your effort :slight_smile: :clap:

Other applications seem to have the same problem when that preference is set to “always”:


Hi @Antony_Sutton, @tferr, @imagejan,

I now have access to a Mac running Big Sur and this problem can easily be fixed by going to System Preferences>General and changing “Prefer Tabs:” from “always” to “in full screen” (the default) or “never”.

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