FIJI - Super slow loading of Light-Sheet tiff image sequence on windows server

Hi All

We recently purchased a new analysis server in our Imaging center. It has 512GB RAM, RTX8000 GPU and a fast RAID6 storage. Generally file loading and copy is super fast (0.6-1 GB/s) in all programs tested but FIJI64/32/imagej2.
For some unknown reason it takes more than a sec to open each 10MB file. about 30 times slower than a laptop. Strangely, when the files do load and are saved from fiji as Image sequence they load super fast. even when I duplicate the files, and restart fiji.

I did see something weird that even if I delete fiji and install a new copy of fiji it “remembers” the last working directory. My intuition tells me it’s a bad combination of java and windows server 2019. I tried ticking the SCIFIO option, does nothing.

Help Please!!

Much appreciated