Fiji SNT mouse scrolls through stack when moved while tracing

Dear Fiji/SNT users,
i have a problem when i trace neurons using the simple neurite tracer plugin of Fiji.
When i want to trace and move my mouse over the image, it scrolls through the stack, so i can’t click where i want to.
I had this issue before, but switching to an older mouse model fixed it.
Now, i cannot trace with either of my mouse options (magic mouse, regular mouse with cord or the trackpad on my macbook)
I use Mac 10.15.7 Catalina on a MacBook pro and use an additional screen.
The Fiji version is 2.1.0/1.53c.

i hope others encountered this before and there’s a solution.
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum Cara!

It looks like it you have auto-snapping enabled in Z? See this post for details and explanation:

Do let us know if that is not the issue.

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Dear Tiago,
thank you so much. I think it solved my issue.
But one follow up question: is it better to disable snapping completely or just set z=0?

I also have another question: i can’t adjust the brightness of my image. When i open the toolbar and fiddle with the setting, nothing happens, or it adjusts the brightness, but then i can’t adjust it any further.

It depends on your images. If the cursor keeps moving to locations that are unexpected, I’d disable it, otherwise will leave on (as long as the XY neighborhood is suitable). You will have to experiment a bit. Note that you can toggle cursor snapping by pressing S (single key shortcut). We typically turn it on and off multiple times during a tracing session.

Hmm, adjusting Brightness and contrast should work as any other open image. If you need to do some complex image adjustments or run a plugin on the image, you could Pause Tracing/Pause SNT (options in the contextual menu that appears when right-clicking on the image). The ‘Pause SNT’ option will effectively “waive” the image back to ImageJ, as if SNT would not be open.

Thank you for your advice.
It was enough to set z=0.
Pausing SNT (not tracing) allows for adjustment of brightness/contrast, which can be readjusted if SNT is paused whenever adjustment is needed.
Unfortunately it is still not possible to adjust these basic settings in tracing mode. But pausing in between is not a big issue for me.

Great. Note that Z-snapping is available on demand by using “Click on Brightest voxel above/below cursor” in the image righ-click menu: Shortcut M.

Hmmm. I can do so without issues. Can you provide more details? a small screen-recording ? Without a way to reproduce the issue we won’t be able to fix it. :frowning: Is it affected by the state of “Activate canvas on mouse hovering” (UI Interaction: widget in the Options tab), by any chance? One thing you could try is to run the updater to make sure you are up-to-date, and then run SNT’s File → Reset and Restart command. I won’t fix the issue you are having, but at least it will guarantee that both of us are using the same settings.

One thing though: If you are trying to evoke the B&C dialog using the Shift C, you will have to use Ctrl (or Cmd on MacOS). (explanation).